About my work

My work is described as sculptural lighting. The majority of the designs embody the warmth of wood, elegance and sensuality of curves mixed with the beauty of metal accents. Light is used as a "material" that needs to be "painted" in harmony with the overall designs. A strong emphasys is put toward creating simple and natural compositions.


It's all about imagination

Display of our lamps at the shop

Some of the works in in my collections share the "signature" multi-faceted shade, bringing to mind a toadstool cap. But it all started with a failed pail..

The artist had been inspired by a wooden pail seen in a picture from the late 19th century. He wanted to recreate it, so set to work making tapered slats for the sides. He was not satisfied with the early tries, feeling the pails once assembled were too funnel-like. Consequently, they were tossed into the pile to be burned in the shop woodstove. While conducting an annual clean-up, the failed pails were unearthed and one was stacked on top of an old lamp whose glass shade had been broken. Stepping back, he realized that the combination of the "funnel" and lamp created a rather pleasing ensemble. But a little tweaking was needed. A little color was applied to the wooden funnel made the overall lamp quite pleasing to look at. Yet there was still something missing. The "funnel" now needed a little highlight which came in the form of metal edges that run along each segment junction. Now the "funnel" had become a cool lamp shade. The moral of the story: clean your shop and something interesting can come to life.

The Collections


The retro lamp collection made with the signature shade was originally born from a repurposed cast iron base. Since there are some beautiful lamp bases that were made during the early part of the 20th century, the earthy texture of the cast iron lent itself to becoming the material of choice in refreshing the look of these great bases.


The Champignon collection is a reflection of our love and commitment to nature and preservation. We mainly use highly figured wood like tigered or spalded maple to create the stem of the fungi. Each of them is hand split with a froe to keep the organic movement of the grain and then the final shaping is done using a carving axe. It is a lengthy process but is also very satisfying to see the transformation at each stroke of the tool.


The Modern collection came about providing modern lamps that retain a strong wooden material presence along with elegant pleasing lines. Repurposing is a theme followed in most of the designs. It is a collection that will exhibit very different designs as time goes by and will have some vintage industrial flair.

LED light source

LED lighting will become the predominent light source due to its longevity but also to its frugal power consumption. Unfortunately, due to their shape or bulk, the standard LED bulbs available in the market today are not easely integradable into our luminaries . That is why we decided to create our own LED arrays (orb). With this freedom, we can match the dimensions and low profile needed to fit into our signature lamp shades. Their light looks like floating dotted stars. LED array detail

Custom designs

One of the features of my collections is that custom designs are possible in many ways. From colors to dimensions, I can tailor a wide array of applications. I also work with interior designers, decorators and architects to create complete house or room projects to provide a consistent style. Natural settings like log cabins or conservency organizations are a perfect fit for our unique lighting.

Our call to you

Finding one of a kind vintage lamp bases is not an easy task, so if you have any that you are willing to sell, I will gladly give you a fair price for them. To do so, email four quality pictures (under footing, top of footing, side view and socket detail) of the base so suitability can be evaluated . The bases do not need to be in working order since they will need to be rewired anyway to accommodate our LED orbs.

We hope you'll enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them.


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