About me

We believe art can be more than a vehicule for emotions and ideas, it can also be functional and inspirational.


What inspires us?

The Art Of Lamp studio is located in a peaceful country setting in Northwestern Connecticut. We are surrounded by rolling hills much of which is a nature preserve. The art studio looks out over a meadow full of wild life. The air is fresh, the vegetation lush and the smells of nature are always around us.

This is a view of our shop where all our are made


The artist

The artist that designs and crafts our the Art of Lamp pieces has been a wood worker since his teenage years. Having worked on custom furniture and custom signs for many years, the passion he has always had for lighting had been put on hold, until several years ago when he "saw the light."

With a keen eye for selecting the right piece of wood that shows beautiful natural curves and twisted grain that make up our "Champignon" collection he has achieved a very unique look that defines him as a genuine artist of nature.

Heirlooms in the making

Sadly, much of what we purchase today is not made to last, however, we have made our lamps out of solid materials and have designed own LED light sources. All the pieces in our Champignon collection is made of solid wood.


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