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An introduction to our unique organic Art Of Lamp collections

Art of Lamp collections
Mushroom design sculptural lamp Infinity modern lighted sculpture Retrofit lamp collection
Champignon Collection Modern Collection Retro Collection


Art of Lamp Collections

Each of the lamps in three collections are by nature one of a kind. The signature lamp shades are crafted by hand one at a time and finished with a special coating technique that has developed in-house . The process creates patterns that are one-of-a-kind.

The Retro Collection features lamps that have authentic antique or vintage bases. As a result, each one is unique in its gentle wear and patina.

The Champignon Collection is very organic due to its theme and the materials used. The mushroom stems are hand-made using a Swedish carving axe (a short handled axe with hand forged iron). The principal wood type is tiger or curly maple or oak which offer rich organic patterns and color nuances.

The Modern Collection can only be described as flights of fancy. It is open to any crazy idea or impulse I have. It's just like looking at an object and thinking of how it would be used as part of a sculpture. Be prepared to see a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces.



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