Signature Lamp shade

The signature Art of Lamp shade is the fundation of our lighting designs. The lamps in our collections are already outfitted with shades that are designed to work in harmony with their bases, but custom designs are also possible. Specific shapes, sizes and finishes can be made.

Styles and colors

The pictures below show some of the lamp shades designs we use.

Lamp shade tortoise 50 profile Lamp shade rouge 45 profile Lamp shade yellow 40 profile Lamp shade wood 30 profile Lamp shade tiered 50 profile
50 profile 45 profile40 profile 30 profile Tiered profile

Simple Elegance

Our signature lamp shade design was developed in-house. Multiple techniques are involved to achieve the distinctive look. The pseudo metallic color tones is an extensive layering process, the multi sided pyramid shape an intricate assembly process.

Looking for something specific ?

Because our lamp shades are all hand made, we can tailor to your specific requiments. Looking for different colors, shape dimensions, a unique design ? Ask us.


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