Art Of Lamp

My vision is to create symbiosis between the beauty of natural materials and modern light sources. Art of Lamp's interpretation of sculptural lighting brings a fresh look at our natural world capturing its soothing shapes, colors and subtle luminosity.

Mars bloom sculpture was inspired by the animation movie Avatar


Functional Art

Art is meant to provoke emotions and ideas, however, there is no reason it cannot also be functional.  Some of my pieces are both sculptural and practical, brightening a spot, bringing both beauty and radiance. 

Simple Elegance

Because we are surrounded by things that are complex and often artificial, Art of Lamp’s designs provide an organic and peaceful respite, reconnecting us to our planet.   

HeiRlooms of tomorrow

Due to the lack of longevity of most of what we buy today, I felt it important to make my sculptures out of solid materials that will last.  The LED light sources I’ve created are also meant to be there to light the way for many years to come.   

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