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About my work

My work can be described as sculptural lighting. The majority of the designs embody the warmth of natural materials, the sensuality of curves accented with metal details. The role of light is not necessarily utilitarian, but rather to provide a splash of brightness to the composition of the piece or dimension-enhancing shadows.  A strong emphasis is put on simplicity and naturalness of the piece. I started my artistic journey 5 years ago and am honored to have had my work juried in many art shows and galleries.

How it started

It all started with a failed pail…
A picture of a late 19th century wooden pail inspired me to painstakingly recreate it.  In making the walls of the pail with tapered wooden slats, the resulting form was not what I was going for, it was simply too “funnel-like.”  Consequently, they were tossed into the wood pile for the woodstove in our shop.  Months later, while cleaning up, I came upon some of my “failed pails” haphazardly stacked on top of an old lamp base whose glass shade was damaged.   Stepping back, I realized that the combination of the "pail" and lamp base created a rather pleasing ensemble. But a little tweaking was needed. A little color applied to the wooden funnel made the overall lamp quite lovely, yet there was still something missing. The "funnel" was missing a certain something. That something was a little highlight which came in the form of metal edges that run along each segment junction.  The jazzed up funnel/pail had become a cool lamp shade. The moral of the story: don’t assume that “junk pile” doesn’t serve a purpose, you never know what new discovery awaits. 


the collections

My pieces are grouped in collections.  Each collection represents distinctive moments of inspiration. The Sea Grass Collection mimics the soothing sway of underwater vegetation and its gentle, slow-motion dance it performs in the current. The Champignon Collection was inspired by the beauty of mushrooms, whose colors, shapes and textures are simply fascinating . The Journey Collection represents spur-of-the-moment ideas, the urge to turn a vision into a physical object, they become the seeds of future collections.

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Sea grass collection sculptural lighting

Sea Grass

Journey collection sculptural lighting


Geometrika collection sculptural lighting


Mushroom collection sculptural lighting


Fleur de bois collection sculptural lighting

Fleur de bois

shoji lamp collection sculptural lighting

Shoji lamp

shoji lamp collection sculptural lighting

Light Impression


My take on art

I refuse to be pigeon-holed into any particular style or design. When a piece pleases a buyer, it’s great, but stifling one’s own creative spirit at the expense of selling does not interest me.  As an artist, the freedom to create without boundaries, the challenge of pushing the creative envelop to evolve into a "complete" artist, this is what drives me. Art for me will always be exploration, always a quest for new creative adventures.

the light source

LED lighting is destined to become the predominant light source due to its longevity and its frugal power consumption. Unfortunately, due to their shape or bulk, standard LED bulbs available in the market today are not easy to integrate into my work. That is why I decided to create my own unique LED arrays (orb). This way, I can match the dimensions, profiles and shapes needed to fit into any of my sculptures. The resulting light looks like floating dotted stars. The LED components have a longevity of about 50,000 hours. The maximum safe operating temperature for all my work is -10ºF (-25ºC) and 85ºF (30ºC). To learn more about LEDs click here.

Detail of the custom light source

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