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journey collection

An "open style" collection that captures some of my creative impulses. It ranges from classic to avant garde to vintage industrial. Designs will always be changing as I go along in my artistic journey. Some of the pieces in this collection will become basis for individual collections.

Very unique lighted sculpture called Mobius luminous part of the Journey collection

Mobius Luminous

This unique sculpture was a true challenge to design. I took about three months to find a way to fabricate it then another 3 weeks to put it together. The end result does make an impression in a darker space and is a curiosity in its shape. The pyramidal base is walnut.

Dimensions: 20" height, 14" diameter torus.
Cost: $2850.00

Modern interpretation of a flower bouquet part of the journey collection

Le Bouquet

The base of this lighted sculpture is a hand made ceramic clay vase from which stems stretch out tipped by a delicate light, evoking a modernist interpretation of flowers. The low power LED source casts a rich yellow orange glow from each bloom.

Dimensions: 20" (tallest stem) x 21" (diameter of cluster), vase is 5" tall x 4.5" diameter.
Cost: $750.00

Copper blossom lighted sculpture part of the journey collection

copper blossom

Copper mesh is an amazing material to work by hand and great to make a lacey warm colored shade. This larger lighted sculpture capture my passion for mixed materials. Ceramic base, copper blossom and oak stems....Heaven !

Dimensions: 25" x 24" overall, 6" diameter base.
Cost: $790.00

A lighted sculpture that can be remodeled part of the journey collection


With no beginning and no end, this work connects us to infinity in several ways. It is a sculpture that can be shaped to just about any random form allowing true interaction with the viewer. The white light makes this piece litterally glow in a the dark due to its high contrast ratio.

Dimensions: Can make a 24" diameter circle.
Cost: $350.00

Minimalistic modern table lamp part of the Geometrika collection
Disk is Off
Disk is On


Art and technology are not antigonist any more. I mainly choose to use it (technology) in a subtle way making it a "background" but they are times when new materials are so exciting that they do need to be showcased. Geometrika is a magnificent example of it. The minimalist approach and technical integration illustrate some of the challenges of staying relevant in an always changing and more complex world. The piece displays its materials in an unapologedic way to show that less processing and glitter help us reconnect with simplicity.

Dimensions: 14" tall, 4.5" diameter orb.
Cost: $390.00

Mars bloom lighted sculpture part of the journey collection

Mars bloom in green

There was an amazing scene in the movie "The Avatar" that did make a great impression in my mind. It was that mythical forest where every plant was luminescent, it was just beautiful. Years after, I still had those incredible pictures in my mind and wanted to materialize them into a sculpture. This work has been a great success here at the studio.

Dimensions: 10" x 8" overall.
Cost: $320.00 - SOLD -

Mars bloom in red part of the journey collection

Mars bloom in red

Same as above piece except mounted on a small stump.

Dimensions: 10" x 8" overall.
Cost: $320.00

Mars bloom in purple

Same as above piece except mounted on a small wood piece with bark.

Dimensions: 10" x 8" overall.
Cost: $320.00

Mars bloom in white part of the journey collection

Mars bloom in white

Same as above piece also mounted onto a small wood piece with bark.

Dimensions: 10" x 8" overall.
Cost: $320.00 - SOLD-

Lighted maple petal lotus part of the journey collection


Delicate petals made of thin maple wood and a hand carved pad shaped base convey simple elegance. A soft light source accentuates this meditative sculpture.

Dimensions: 10" x 8" overall.
Cost: $120.00

Gorgeous pierced lamp shade with antique base lamp part of the journey collection


In my view, art needs to promote conversation and wonder. This piece a great example of this. When looking at it, one can see light shining under the shade but can't see where it is coming from... An early gold-finished cast iron base is capped with a unique pierced signature shade. The base has a refreshing flower design showing a fan of petals on its lower part.

Dimensions: 14" tall, 8.5" diameter shade.
Cost: $290.00


Just like "Lumen reverance", this piece is a show case of technical breakthrough in LED lighting. Not available in this country yet, its light source is 0.030" thick and has a visible spectrum that renders colors very accurately. Myst is a denty sculpture that has not only steampunk inspirations but also rooted in a very well known defunct video game with the same name.

Dimensions: 14" tall.
Cost: $390.00

Steampunk Mood is part of the part of the journey collection

steampunk mood

Nothing is more satisfying than gathering miscellaneous brass parts and pieces and composing a new object out of them. Include an antique steam gauge with modifyied backlighted dial and you get a cool steampunk piece that gives off enough light to be a reading lamp.

Dimensions: 20" x 14" overall, 7" diameter shade.
Cost: $650.00

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