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My works are grouped in collections.  Each collection represents distinctive moments of inspiration. The Sea Grass Collection mimics the soothing sway of underwater vegetation and its gentle, slow-motion dance it performs in the current. The Champignon Collection was inspired by the beauty of mushrooms, whose colors, shapes and textures are simply fascinating . The Journey Collection represents spur-of-the-moment ideas, the urge to turn a vision into a physical object, they become the seeds of future collections.

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The Sea grass collection sculptural lighting

Sea Grass

The Journey collection sculptural lighting


The Geometrika minimalist collection sculptural lighting


The Mushroom collection sculptural lighting



commission Projects

Do you have an idea?  We welcome the challenge of creating a commissioned work.  You’re invited to either come to the studio, email a description of what you have in mind, or call to discuss your unique project.  Quotes are provided within 72 hours. 

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